What Problems do Students face while writing a Dissertation Proposal?

The research proposal for dissertation is the most important stage of the dissertation writing process as the dissertation cannot be started or completed before the proposal has been written and completed. The dissertation proposal presents the topic of a research, the scope of a research and the areas, concepts and theories covered during a research. Students face many problems while writing a proposal and a proposal can only be written effectively if a student is well aware of these problems before hand and also knows how to avoid or solve these problems. The most common problems faced by students while writing a proposal are presented below.

Selection of interesting and challenging topic for a dissertation proposal can be quite problematic and students usually fail to achieve this important task. Topics for a dissertation can be selected by reviewing various researches in the past and deriving ideas out of the topics for those researches. Writing a research proposal for dissertation in high quality English is also another significant problem and students need to avoid or solve this problem by learning excellent writing skills. Students also fail to cover all important aspects of a research in the research proposal for a dissertation and this can be avoided by critically thinking about the proposed research.

Students also face difficulties in presenting the aims and objectives clearly and concisely in the research proposal for dissertation and these can be resolved by reviewing, writing and rewriting the aims and objectives of the research. Students also face challenges in formulating, designing and writing an effective research methodology in a dissertation proposal and these challenges can only be overcome by carefully studying various research methods and techniques. Several other problems students face while writing a proposal include effectively writing a preliminary literature review, inappropriate referencing and failing to submit a proposal within the deadline. All of these problems can be resolved by planning ahead and carefully reviewing the sections of the proposal which have been completed.